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Our 1.5Mta factory in Pout, about 60km from Dakar, was commissioned at the end of December 2014. Before our entry the domestic market was almost entirely made up of 32.5-grade cement. Our plant produces 42.5-grade cement, thereby offering the domestic market higher quality cement at a competitive price, which the construction industry urgently needs.
With rich and abundant limestone reserves of 300 million tonnes, Senegal is a long-term strategic resource, given the general lack of limestone along the coast of West Africa.
With a population of 16 million, Senegal has good prospects for economic growth. The country has all the raw materials to produce enough cement and export to other countries in the ECOWAS trading zone. Dangote Cement’s investment is one of the biggest foreign direct investments by an African company in Senegal which is an indication of its strong belief in the future growth of its economy.

Pioneering New Standards with Dangote 3X Cement

Dangote Cement has set new standards by pioneering the 42.5R grade ‘Dangote 3X Cement’, which is designed to give more value to the end users. 3X is decoded to mean “Xtra strong, Xtra life and Xtra yield”. The new offering comes in a 50 Kg bag and is the first of its kind in Nigeria.

Dangote 3X Cement is primarily aimed at preventing construction collapses due to usage of lower-grade cement apart from strengthening the quality of the brand. The extra strength and rapid drying properties of the product makes it the first choice for builders and contractors. A bag of the new Dangote 3X Cement – 42.5R variety is rated as equivalent to one and half bag of the regular cement bag.

Our premium quality cement is produced in three grades namely:

CEM II/B-LL 32.5R 

Lower clinker content augmented by pumice additive and gypsum
Suitable for plastering, low-rise buildings, masonry etc.


CEM II/B-LL  42.5R (3X) 

Higher clinker content
Suitable for most building uses including high-rise, some infrastructure work


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